They Say to Blog About What You Love, and I Love Biking

I would like to throw my helmet into the cycling blog ring! My hope is that I am able to share useful thoughts about the transition from beginner ‘biker,’ to an intermediate cyclist. I feel like I have some insights to share. I am also hoping that I can get feedback and information from other cyclists out there. There may be some others in this very same spot, and we’ll grow up from trail – to road – to great big hills on roads, together!

So, what I plan to do is talk about a few of the rides I have been doing around the St. Petersburg area – on and off of the Pinellas Trail. This is a beautiful area, and it’s even more gorgeous by bicycle!

Other Cycling Posts to Come
I also want to talk about a few of the things I’ve learned about bike fit – saddles, pedals and what not, riding safely with a bug in your helmet, fast cars and near death experiences, finding dedicated riding partners, finding the time to ride, why I prefer a woman’s bike, how to select a bike as a beginner, how to set goals for yourself, and some of the other stuff that has come up along the way.

Not that I am a pro, or that I may only *think* I know something about it. What I have found in my own searching is that sometimes it’s hard to understand what exactly the experts are saying. Maybe one day I’ll pick up what they put down, but for now, it’s mostly trial and error. The thrills and agonies of which I intend to share here.

My First Major Cycling Goal | A Century Ride
I am not interested in riding on a team or anything at the moment, but I want to get to the point where I can do a nice, healthy century ride. If you’re even newer than I am to the sport, a ‘century ride‘ is a 100 miles in one day. My goal is not just to finish, but I want to be done before the sun goes down… or more specifically in less than 10 hours. I hear most riders can finish a 100 miles in something like 8 hours, but I like to leave a little room for error, just in case.

Right now I am training for an 86 mile ride coming in October. It’s from St. Augustine to Daytona and it’s called the MS150 Cycle to the Shore. I am currently training for that ride, and hopefully the next step will be the century.

Here’s what I found on iMapMyRide for the Cycle to the Shore Ride route. We are doing only one day, not the full 150. But it should be a fun ride! If you’d like to donate to the cause you can: Donate to Becky | Donate to Jennifer

First Charity Ride | 25 Mile Cure on Wheels
The only other charity ride I have finished was the Cure on Wheels, which was only 25 miles. The next goal will be a multiple day charity event, and then, the AIDS ride in California. At this point, I don’t really see how it’s physically possible.

Anyway, first post down, and at least a few rides to go. Stay tuned!


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