When Weather Apps Lie

St. Petersburg Pier in the Rain

So I checked my handy Weather Channel app last night, and again this morning, and saw there was virtually zero chance of rain this morning. That was welcome news, as I had planned a 14 mile ride (all part of the training for the MS150 Ride). So, I got myself up at 6:00am. Dressed in my unflattering tight bike shorts, put on my heart rate monitor, and was ready to roll!

As the dawn broke, and the sun came up, it was pretty clear there would be a spot of rain. I figured I could ride into it till it started, and turn around when it started to sprinkle.

This, I learned, was not a good plan… unless the plan was to end up in a squall… which it was not.

Anyway, I got a nice photo of the looming cloud and a rainbow that I thought I would share with you all.

All-in-all I got in about 10 miles. There were still riders heading into the weather. I guess those would be “experts.” For now I am happy to be a beginner!



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