Training Ride | When Weather Apps Lie, Part II

Another rainbow along the North Shore beach in St. Petersburg, Florida

Another day, another inaccurate weather report. It did genuinely appear that the rain would hold off this morning, but not so. After 12 miles, the rain started to drizzle, then pour. For the record, I left the house around 6:30am, so it was still dark when I checked out my window for visual weather check.

Route Report
Distance : 14.36mi
Duration : 1:11:59
Avg Speed : 12.0mi/h
Route Map

(Note: I am going to share the route maps from MapMyRide, just in case anybody comes across the blog and wants to see some of the easier/safer bike routes in the St. Pete area. Don’t stalk me. I carry a weapon.)

The Joys and Perils of Riding in the Rain
Here’s what I learned about riding in the rain. At first if feels really good (at least here because it’s hot) but when the wind picks up, it makes it really uncomfortable. Whether you wear glasses (or sunglasses) or not, you will get water in your eyes from the gallons dripping off your head… and your glasses will fog/bead up and blind you. This blindness will leave you unable to properly navigate drops and dips in the road ahead of you, which adds to the degree of difficulty. If you stop riding, you will just want to continue to get it over with.

Expert Cycling Tip: When you get home, stick some newspaper in your wet shoes so that they don’t turn smelly on you. I was given this tip by an experienced runner. I guess when you’re serious about a sport you participate rain or shine.

Anyway, I got to see another beautiful rainbow. I have also learned that when you see one, ride faster or take shelter.

Ericka and I after our nature shower


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