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St. Petersburg, Florida | The Pier from Vinoy Park | 8-11-11

Three Year Old: That’s a pattern
Handsome Dad: What’s a pattern?
Three Year Old: If you do good things and are nice, you get what you want…if you do bad things and are mean, you don’t get what you want..

It’s Day Four and Time for a Change!
Yesterday, my oldest friend (in the sense that I have known her the longest, not that she is old herself), reminded me that the original idea for “Cycle Talk” was to include conversation about all cycles.

We had initially wanted to talk about our menstrual cycles, but we felt like that might limit us – and limit our audience. So, our idea was to broaden the scope to all sorts of cycles. The sometimes brilliant, beautiful and comforting… and other times exhausting and frustrating… cycles… that are a part of our human condition. As was discovered by our bright three-year-old in the quote above, patterns are by definition predictable, but not always easily identifiable.

So maybe this blog will be an opportunity for all of us to observe the world of patterns and cycles we live in. Maybe it will help us break free, or find comfort within them. And, I plan to still talk about cycling in St. Pete.

Below is a list of cycles that might be covered (via Wikipedia)

* 1 Time and calendar cycles
* 2 Planetary cycles
o 2.1 Astronomical cycles
o 2.2 Climate and weather cycles
o 2.3 Geological cycles
* 3 Organic cycles
o 3.1 Agricultural cycles
o 3.2 Biological and medical cycles
o 3.3 Brain waves and cycles
* 4 Physics cycles
o 4.1 Mathematics of waves and cycles
o 4.2 Electromagnetic spectrum
o 4.3 Sound waves
* 5 Miscellaneous cycles
o 5.1 Economic and business cycles
o 5.2 Music and rhythm cycles
o 5.3 Religious, mythological, and spiritual cycles
o 5.4 Social and cultural cycles
o 5.5 Military and war
o 5.6 Literature

Please contact me if you are an expert in any of these areas and would like to participate.

I’m the “Beginning BiCycling” Editor
So, this was just a warning to let you know that you may see a post or three that are not related to bicycling. I (Jennifer) will be your beginning bicycling editor, and Amy – and possibly a few others – will be editors for the cycles they know about. I’d also like to extend a hand to any ‘expert’ riders who can help beginners like me improve. I welcome your comments, or you own post ideas.

~ As always, your participation is wildly encouraged! ~

Today’s Training Ride | Not to Put Too Fine a Point on It
Alright, now a quick note about today’s ride. As I was riding along, trying to improve my cadence and keep my speed respectable… I saw a tiny object hurling itself towards my helmet. Upon impact, it was clear that the object was, in fact, a bee… and that bee was lodged in my bonnet. I recently suffered my first bee sting while riding on the Pinellas Trail. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. No trip to the hospital, no neck and face swelling. But I was not excited at the prospect of being stung on my scalp.

Here’s where the safety lesson comes in… in the form of what NOT to do. Do not whip off your helmet so quickly that it also removes your glasses… because… well at least I … need glasses to see. So… here is my quick list of Do’s and Don’ts based on today’s experience.

Bicycling Safety Tip | In Case of Bee in Your Helmet

1. Get safely off the road and stop your bike
2. Remove helmet carefully, but quickly
3. Shake head to dislodge bee from hair if necessary
4. Curse and be proud you have just experienced a cycling rite of passage. I think.

1. Continue riding with one hand and remove helmet with other hand so quickly that it removes your eyeglasses.
2. Swerve into traffic (always good advice)
3. Brake with front tire brake only
4. Do not bother explaining to passers by what you are doing. They don’t care because you are wearing tight pants even though you probably shouldn’t be.

Other than that, it was a nice, rain free ride today. I was working on upping my cadence and speed. Did alright.

Route Report
Distance : 16.46mi
Duration : 1:07:07
Avg Speed : 14.7mi/h

That’s all for today! I hope you’re all enjoying the new blog! Below is a pretty photo from the ride today. Just as the sun popped up over the water at Vinoy Park.

Sunrise from Vinoy Park | St. Petersburg, FL | 8-11-11

We might possess every technological resource… but if our language is inadequate, our vision remains formless, our thinking and feeling are still running in the old cycles, our process may be “revolutionary” but not transformative.
~ Adrienne Rich


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  1. EJ says :

    I like where this is headed!

  2. jvvjen says :

    i was afraid it was getting a little more confusing. are you an expert at any cycles?

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