MS150 Cycle to the Shore 2011 | Our First Long Ride

Becky and I at the start of the MS150 Cycle to the Shore Ride

As you know, I am a beginner cyclist trying to work my way up to an ‘intermediate’ level rider. Two weekends ago, my riding partners and I succeeded at meeting our first big challenge! We rode (just the the first day) of the MS150 Cycle to the Shore. It was 86 miles and were staying alive…feel the city breakin and everybody shakin! Here’s the route for day one:

MS150 Route | Day One | 86 Miles

Our goal was simply to complete the ride, not to do so quickly. We estimated that it would take us about 7 hours or so to finish the route. We guessed we’d ride around 12-15 mph, plus we’d do a couple of the stops, so… 7 hours. But, we completed the ride in under 5 hours! We didn’t come in first, but it really felt like a win just the same.

Jennifer’s Ride Facts
Total Mileage: 85.41 miles
Riding Time: 4:47:09
Average Speed: 17.8 mph
Calories Burned: 2617
Average HR: 144
Cadence: 81

This was SO much better than we thought we would do, our support team had to cut their sightseeing short so they could catch us at the finish line. We were very happy with how the day went. We had a bit of a tailwind and the weather was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better introduction to what guess might be called… the Charity Ride Circuit. I will call it, an excuse to train even though I am no athlete.

Here’s a Tip | Ride in a Group
I have to admit to being suspicious about the real benefits of riding in a group. I know that at least ten people have told me it’s much easier and much quicker when you ride with a group, but I always figured you’d be stuck in this cluster of riders who might even hold you back. NOT SO. Not even close. We rode so much faster and more efficiently with a group than we ever could have alone.

Now, when we left the start, we didn’t have an official team. We had our friend Beth (see below) who rode with the Powerade Zero team, but after we saw one of the team members taking photos and texting while riding, we figured that we’d be better off heading out on our own. So off we went. We passed the first stop (as was recommended by Bicycling magazine and Roy from St. Pete Bicycle and Fitness) and lost much of the pack. Roaring up behind us was a team headed up by a fella from Northrup Grumman. He yelled as he passed “feel free to hop on”… and we did.
We hung on for dear life for as long as we could… which turned out to be about 20 miles… which we probably completed in about half the time it would have taken us alone. And we knew from that moment on we realized — WE NEED A TEAM! — and that I had to remember to look up Northrup Grumman to see who they were, and that they were nice.

Looking for Riders!
If you live in the St. Pete area, are not homophobic, ride an average of 15-16 mph on your own, sorta don’t like group rides, but are looking for some people to ride with that are not as grouplike, leave a comment.
If you’ve previously ridden with Becky or I, we will be talking to you about the joys of Charity Cycling.

Riding with Friends
Our friend Beth, who has been training with us, actually completed both days for a total of 150 miles. She did not keep her time, but she did say that the second day was a bitch. That tailwind became headwind, and fresh legs were tired, even if they had a few less miles to pedal.

Beth Rides with Team Powerade Zero

We also had assistance from friends who helped bring our bags from St. Augustine to Daytona and were there to take care of our every need. We felt like professional athletes riding with our posse. So a special “Thank You!” to Tracy and Shannon for being an excellent support staff… maybe next year they will ride along with us!

Our Fabulous Support Staff | Tracy and Shannon

Next Goal | Century Ride
At many of the charity events you are offered 3 or 4 distances to choose from for the big day. Usually it breaks down to 25, 38, 50, 65, or 100 miles. In the cycling community, a 100 mile ride is most frequently referred to as a “century.” Logically, I assumed that 100 miles in a day is a goal to shoot for – since it is the maximum possible distance. So, that’s the next goal. We think we will be doing the Make a Wish foundation ride. It supports local families, and Becky has a soft spot for them since they made a wonderful dream come true for her sister.

Who will join us this time?


Becky and I at Finish Line of the MS150 Cycle to the Shore Ride


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2 responses to “MS150 Cycle to the Shore 2011 | Our First Long Ride”

  1. doro says :

    Awesome job girls – way to go beating your own set time too! You were cooking it down the road!

  2. Tracy Copes says :

    We had an awesome time and were happy to be there for your first big “win”! I can’t promise anything but we will start ‘thinking’ about training! ; )

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