Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 1


After some careful consideration, I have decided to try the Whole30 30 day cleanse type deal. Though my posts have been mostly related to cycling, but you could say it’s related to health and menstrual cycles – both of which are fair game here according to the mission statement.

My main reasons for doing this are:
1. I was very jealous of all the people at work doing their cleansing elimination diets. I want to see how I feel after eliminating and reintroducing wheat, gluten, and diary.
2. My doctor suggested that a “paleo” diet might help me with a few of my ailments, but “paleo” is kinda douchey.
3. My ailments include, but are not limited to; heavy periods, bad cramps, slow weight loss coupled with rapid weight gain, joint pain, lack of energy.
4. I am getting old and I have never tried this. I should probably try things while I can.

I am calling it an “eating strategy.” Not a diet. A diet is depressing and causes sadness to all. But for me, trying this ‘cleanse’ is more of an experiment on my own body. Like the guy from the Fly, but without the telepod.

Anyway, the Whole30 folks recommend you keep a food log, so I’ll be doing that here. If you find such things boring, you are not alone. I may add some cute puppy videos or trivia tidbits to add to the excitement.

Hold Your Thoughts

I know I have many friends who are very interested in food and diets and health. And I know you are all very smart about what you know for yourselves… but if you have something crappy to say about the plan or diets in general or whatever, I honestly don’t want to hear about it for 30-40 days. I am confident I am not in immediate danger, so I’m just going to try it and see how it goes. I respect your opinions… but I’m doing it just the same. For the full 30 days, universe willing. Alright… now the exciting food log!!

Whole 30 | Day One

Breakfast: Cajun Sausage Omelet

The bananas were not entirely legal, as it turns out. But I only had half the portion shown after I was instructed.

The bananas were not entirely legal, as it turns out. But I only had half the portion shown after I was instructed.

I am not working today, so I had extra time to make a larger breakfast. I used 3 eggs, Aidell’s Cajun Sausage (which i believe is approved) and onions and peppers. I used EVOO with no butter (or Ghee) but I do intend to get some for recipes down the road.

I also added a banana, but learned this was not exactly in compliance. I ate about half of it and gave the rest to my dog. She was delighted by this turn of events.

Bonus Grammar Stuff! Omelet vs. Omelette

Have you been spelling the world’s favorite egg dish correctly? According to the grammarist “…American publications prefer omelet, and this is the spelling recommended by most American English reference sources. In all other main varieties of English, the French spelling, omelette, is preferred.”

Lunch: Chipotle

I read that the only items that are compliant with Whole30 are the pork, lettuce, guacamole, and salsa. Everything else is cooked in soy oil, which is not allowed. I usually have the steak and veggies without beans, but I am going to stay as close to perfect as I can. Even though I had half a banana for breakfast.

Chipotle with pork, guacamole, lettuce, all but corn salsas

Chipotle with pork, guacamole, lettuce, all but corn salsas


I was not particularly hungry for dinner, I guess I ate a late lunch. But I decided to make a chicken soup. I used a Paleo Mexican Soup recipe I found online. I didn’t have any cilantro, and it would be MUCH better with cilantro, like most things Mexican or Thai IMHO.

Paleo Mexican Soup (sans cilantro) :(

Paleo Mexican Soup (sans cilantro) 😦

After dinner I was craving sweets, so I contacted my sponsor (Chris) who said it was OK to have a small bit of fruit. I have bananas on hand, so I had half and gave the rest to my dog.

Abby loves bananas!

Abby loves bananas!

But How Do You Feel?

I have a bit of a headache today. I believe day 1 is supposed to be sorta “no problem” so I am a little early to the headache party. Must be the caffeine withdrawls. I never shuoulda started drinking Diet Coke again. I wish it weren’t so darn satisfying (when you eliminate all health concerns). Other than that I don’t feel hungry and didn’t have much of a sugar craving till after dinner.

And If This Eating Experiment Does Kill Me…

Please play the following songs at my funeral.

When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton

Just Breathe (cover by Willie Nelson)


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2 responses to “Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 1”

  1. Chris Stockholm says :

    Jenn, your food cycle blog is so funny! And all true! I’m so honored to be your sponsor…thank you. I meant to photo my breakfast and send it to you but I was in a rush and ate half of it before I really thought to take a photo. 1) Joint pain and grains go hand and hand for me…sad but true. 2) I’m certain bad cramps and grains went hand and hand for me, too. My inner bits are gone though so I can’t test that theory now. 3) Yes, bananas are illegal, BUT during the first couple of weeks it’s vital to the mind game to have something sweet that is a single ingredient item and not processed. Then you just naturally taper down fruit consumption because it is never the star of the show. As the Hartwigs say, you don’t want to prop up your sugar demons with fruit. 4) I think you might need a little more fat. Review the fat section of chapter 16 to verify. Ghee or coconut oil or olive oil plus olives plus half an avocado could all be in one meal. And meat for women is only 4-6 ounces. Whole30 is awesome and your new lifestyle choice will serve you and all of your cycles well. May the forces be with you 🙂

    • Jennifer Andrews says :

      Unfortunately I am not a big fan of olives. I did get some coconut chips and macadamia nuts though. I don’t know what i will use the coconut chips for, but i have em. i will look over chapter 16 again. more questions to come!

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