Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 3

Hello everyone! Day 3 is complete. Feeling pretty good. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. It should be OK, because I think I need some new shoes.

Breakfast: Omelette with Avocado – banana
Another 3 egg omelette today. These certain do the trick at keeping me from being hungry late morning. In fact, I am not hungry till mid afternoon. I may try to do a smaller omelette next time. I will be having a Sunday steak tomorrow, since the steak will go bad otherwise. Anywho. Not much to see here other than an Abby trick below.

Overcooked Omelet. Ate half that banana gave rest to Abby. See video. And Avocado.

Overcooked Omelet. Half banana | Half to Abby. Avocado.

We are working on her trick repertoire and I’ll share them in video form because talking about food alone is so very boring.

Abby “roll over”

Lunch: Mexican chicken soup (leftover)
soupI was shopping most of the day for food for this eating strategy so lunch was a little late today. I decided that the amount you have to shop is part of their exercise component. I’m going to need shopping shoes. I started the day at the Saturday Morning Market with some friends. They have an organic vendor there (Worden) from which I picked up a good number of veggies. All organic:

    Red bell pepper
    4 Onions
    1 Broccoli
    2 Avacados (the big kind)
    1 bunch Carrots

I spent $27. I might have forgotten a couple things. I may not buy things organic that don’t need to be organic next time. Whole30 has a clean/dirty produce list that I may reference next time. I might save a buck or two. I also went to the evil Sam’s club and grabbed one or two things including a new over the sink strainer and cutting board. In my small kitchen, this may be the best thing ever!

Over sink strainer and cutting board.

Over sink strainer and cutting board.

Dinner: Pot roast, salad, and guacamole
I had dinner with friends who made pot roast tonight whole30 style. It was quite good. It had some onions and carrots. They added the salad for extra veggies along with some steamed broccoli. I topped my salad with some guacamole. I think it was the best guacamole that has ever been made. Delicious.

I was with friends with whom I frequently visit for TV watching, candy eating, marathons. There was a good bit of temptation to find some Skittles (the kind before lime changed to sour apple) or Peanut M&Ms. But I fought it off with a shared banana (with friends, not Abby this time) and some pecans. That’s a victory I think.


Snack: macadamia nuts, Pecans
You’re not supposed to snack much, but I have been having a few nuts here and there to make up for things. I am not photographing each nut.

Physical Condition Report
I signed up for the Whole30 newsletter (a $14.95 investment) and I think is mostly things I could have gleaned from the book, so far. But they do send you an inspirational video after you complete a day. Apparently we are supposed to be feeling “sleepy” at this point in the program, but I might actually feel more energetic. Probably because it’s the last day of vacation. I guess it will be good to get back to work. hahahaha… just kidding.

Sleepy Bear



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