Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 4

Breakfast: Steak and Sweet Potato Hash
Had another hearty breakfast today. It’s the last day of vacation, so I expect breakfast to be less hearty in the next couple days. But today, it was good. I made a sweet potato hash for the first time, which is just grated sweet potato with cinnamon, ghee (finally got some), and a egg beaten… all mixed together and fried. Added salt and pepper too. It wasn’t bad. I needed to have the beat up higher to get that ‘hash brown’ texture that I wanted. I will try again another day. Abby got a little steak at the end of the meal. But it was Sunday, so Abby rested from tricks.

Highly unappetizing photo of my breakfast

Highly unappetizing photo of my breakfast

Lunch: Fishtales Chicken Salad
I thought they had a cobb salad at Fishtales. I was wrong. They said they didn’t have red wine vinegar, but apparently they just had REALLY OLD red wine vinegar and oil. My chicken – the bits that were fully cooked anyway – tasted like fish which I don’t really care for. This was a very terrible salad. I hope not to have whatever disease bad red wine vinegar gives you.


club_soda_limeThe best part of the meal was the club soda with lime… which is AMAZING… for a former diet coke drinker. I might have missed fizz most of all. I can now go out and ‘drink’ with friends when they ask. Very nice. I checked to make sure it was legal, and it does appear that it is.

Meanwhile, my lovely friend (daughter of my bff) had some chicken strips slathered in Buffalo sauce and some fries served with ranch dressing. She is very supportive.

A supportive friend means everything. I think that's why Ashley ordered the fried chicken strips with Buffalo sauce.

A supportive friend means everything. I think that’s why Ashley ordered the fried chicken strips with Buffalo sauce.

Dinner: Mango, avocado, cilantro salad. 3 hard boiled eggs. Carrots.
I had planned to cook at home tonight, but social time called again. A friend invited me to her boat for a happy hour and I figured I might as well stop by for a lovely sunset on the water. It was a challenge in that the snacks included those very, very yummy spicy blue tortilla chips. Very good. Also hummus, a cheese dip, and salsa.

Our boat party host took pity on me and whipped me up a delicious bowl of deliciousness – mango, avocado, with cilantro. I can’t normally have mango unless someone prepares it for me, as I have an allergy to the skin of the fruit… so this was a very big treat! No protein in it, so I came home and ate the last three hard boiled eggs and a few macadamia nuts. I was stuffed.

Mango, avocado, cilantro salad

Mango, avocado, cilantro salad

Did You Know?
wicked-plantsMango and poison ivy are actually in the same botanical family. That means if you are highly allergic to poison ivy, there is a good chance you’ll be allergic to the skin of the mango, particularly the sap. (source)

Physical Condition Report | Day 4
I am still waiting to feel really terrible. Going back to work should cure that, but at least one of my friends is reporting headaches… and another is super duper tired. Another friend is on her first two days of the program and I think she’s really wanting some chocolate! My cravings aren’t too bad. I really wanted those blue corn chips today though. But since I have the blog, I don’t want to have to write about screwing it up. And, you know, how bad can you feel when you get to take in a lovely sunset on the water with dolphins swimming around?

Sunset at the Demen's Landing Docks

Sunset at the Demen’s Landing Docks

Spot the dolphin?

Spot the dolphin?


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