Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 5

Hello Everyone,

It is back to work today! That means more temptations. More people asking questions about what I am eating. More people telling me what they think about what I am eating. And the ever presence of diet cola, which I believe has been planted into my desires by a voodoo curse. I want it very much. And it’s cold already. Just waiting to provide a lovely little burst of bubbles and fun! So far so good though. If I have more cravings, I am pouring all available diet soda product down the drain. Nobody should be drinking that poison anyway. They’ll thank me for it.

Breakfast: Steak and sweet potato hash (leftovers)

Highly unappetizing photo of my breakfast

Highly unappetizing photo of my breakfast

I probably won’t start off too many mornings with steak, but I had to cook the two sirloins I bought before they went south. For the record, I am trying to buy all grass fed, organic steaks. Any meat or eggs that I buy, I try to get free range vegetarian fed. I just enjoy spending more money on meat, I guess. I hope they are all marked properly – unlike the “fake” EVOO I purchased.

I have meat-eater guilt. If they had “painlessly murdered” meat, I would buy that every single time always. Can someone discover a way to do that? Anyway. That was breakfast. I have a banana that I will eat half of (and share half with a coworker) if I am still hungry.

Did You Know?
Red-Hubba11I have had two pieces of gum since I started Whole30. That gum contained an illegal ingredient or two. I have been considering having another piece of gum because I flavor my foods with a lot of garlic, and I can’t always brush my teeth, and I have a job with people who probably don’t want to smell my ass breath. However, I was perusing through the forums I found that gum = death, and it can also mess up your body’s digestion. Here is an excerpt from an alleged expert.

“Chewing without eating food can be counterproductive….When you chew gum, you send your body physical signals that food is about to enter your body. The enzymes and acids that are activated when you chew gum can cause bloating and overproduction of stomach acid. Besides this, chewing gum can cause jaw muscle imbalance (if you chew on one side more than the other) and even TMJ in your jaw, which can be a painful chronic condition. The bottom line is you shouldn’t chew gum or if you do use gum, use if very rarely or right before a meal where the acid and enzyme stimulation may actually be beneficial.”

Well, this might ruin gum for ya.

Lunch: Pot Roast (with carrots, onions, radishes, and celery)
I have to say, delicious! I used the Easy Paleo Pot Roast recipe with a couple modifications. I had some radishes that I got from the Saturday Morning Market, and I threw those in. I added a little more onion, and less celery than the recipe called for. I like onions.

Yummy pot roast!

Yummy pot roast!

Dinner: Pot Roast and a sweet potato
More of the pot roast and a microwaved sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon. Not too terrible, but would have been better baked. Not feeling great so this is what I had the will for tonight.

Snacks: Macadamia nuts
Back at work it is going to be hard not to snack. I think its just a habit, but I like to snack close to the end of the day.

Physical Condition: Mostly Good
I walk/jogged with my puppy this am and I was able to jog about 70% of the time, which is pretty good for me – and for Abby who likes to stop and sniff a lot. But later in the day I started feeling a little bloated and ill. I think it’s from my lady cycle (more on this in the ladies only section) which is going to make it more difficult to turn down chocolate.

[ For Ladies Only ]
Just in case anyone cares, I am starting my lady cycle. I am crampy and feel bloated. One of the reasons it was recommended by my doctor to do this is to manage heavy flow. I SAID LADIES ONLY! So, I will be sure to report anything of interest. If nothing changes, I won’t be surprised. It’s been all of 5 days.


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