Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 7

Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, sweet potato, half a banana
I realize this is a kinda sugary carby breakfast, but it was a nice change from the enormous omelettes I have been eating. I feel a little less stuffed today, even though I still ate 3 eggs. I am missing out on some of the veggies though. I guess a sweet potato is legal and a veggie. I’ll be eating this the next couple days, I think. Still working on finding the perfect breakfast. Open to suggestions!

Sweet potato and half a banana. I had three hard boiled eggs, but I ate them before the picture.

Sweet potato and half a banana. I had three hard boiled eggs, but I ate them before the picture.

Lunch: Chipotle pork bowl with guacamole
It’s nice to have Chipotle as a go to lunch. This is not my favorite combination of parts, however. After the 30 days are over, I am going to try having the steak and and veggies to see how it feels. Although, I am not sure if you can “feel” the difference made by cooking in soy oil. I’d rather cut down on soy other places and still eat my favorite chipotle bowl. Anyway… it was good enough and filling. Maybe a tiny bit too salty. I may cut out a salsa next time.

Chipotle salad with pork, all the salsas except corn, and guacamole

Chipotle salad with pork, all the salsas except corn, and guacamole

Giveth Not Into Temptation
So, today was a fairly hard day in the temptation department. This morning a smoothie sounded much better than eggs and a sweet potato. And for lunch, the steak sounded better than the pork… and I sure miss the sour cream. I have had moments where I think… “this is stupid. i am going to eat what i want”… but then I remember I have to post something here, and it’s only 30 days, and this isn’t hard – cancer is hard.

Its just that I am back at work after the holiday and now I must face real world problems associated with this challenge. That includes looking at this stupid bowl of not-even-good hard candy that I don’t even really like, but totally want anyway. Particularly the candy cane, which I personally brought in to share with others rather than eating it myself. It’s like I set my own trap and stepped in it!

Stupid hard candy that I don't even like.

Stupid hard candy that I don’t even like.

Anyway, this barely satisfying candy reminds me of the Ellen Degeneres bit about how you want to eat those ridiculous six peanuts that you’d never want on the ground, but must have when we fly. “Get that shit out of my face” you’d say anywhere but the plane. Anyway. Tomorrow I may finally hide the candy.

Dinner: Aidells sausage, Guacamole, carrots, celery, 1/2 banana
I am not feeling perfect at the moment, so I needed something easy that could satisfy me enough not to raid the sweets in the freezer. This meal, however strange, was actually perfectly satisfying. Not too heavy, and that guacamole is still the most delicious ever. It went great with the celery and carrots.

So, I know the Whole30 instructions say to get rid of all the tempting foods you have in your house. But the way I see it, you can’t remove temptation anywhere else, why do it at home? I must be strong in mind! I did really want it today. But I went so far as to open the freezer, I’d have opened the door and thrown the SoDelicious mint chocolate chip ice cream out the door as far as I could. That would have been fun. Symbolic. For now it remains safely in the freezer door. I think it will be healthy enough for reintroduction in 23-30 days.

Lazy dinner. Guacamole, carrots, celery, Aidells sausage

Lazy dinner. Guacamole, carrots, celery, Aidells sausage

Physical Condition Report:
I am a little tired today. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I am not sure I can attribute the tired to the eating strategy. Starting tomorrow I am supposed to have “boundless energy” but still want a Twinkie. I’ve had fairly high energy since day 3, so I will be excited to see if there is more in store. If so, I hope I don’t become incredibly annoying. Or more annoying. Whatever. Anyway… onward to day 8! 22 more days to go!

The for Ladies Only section will be left off today to protect the innocent. It’s not pretty.


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