Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 10, 11, 12, and 13

My cousin was in town this weekend, so it was a busy one. It was also very challenging to stay on the program. We had to eat out a lot, since my house and paleo food is only mildly entertaining. Plus, you know, you want people to see the best of what your town has to offer. There was the temptation of some of my favorite foods, as well as the devil liquor. I made it through fairly well. I have a hard time knowing if everything I eat when I eat out is totally legal. The whole30 has a “can I eat ___” forum that sometimes has folks contradicting one another. So, I just go by my guts. Anyway, here are photos of the last 12 or so meals…

DAY 10

Breakfast Day 10 | 3 egg omelette, avocado, aidells cajun sausage, strawberries

Lunch Day 10 | protein salad from old north east tavern, red wine vinegar dressing

My cousin enjoyed the fresh fruit quesadilla which is my favorite thing at old north east tavern. This was probably the hardest moment to this point of the 10 day journey

Dinner Day 10 | bunless hamburger from the avenue, used red wine vinegar dressing rather than provided dressing

I felt seriously ill after eating this meal. I am guessing it was the burger. It can be hard to eat out, for sure, on this eating strategy. I can only think to ask so many questions… like “is this hamburger cooked in garbage?” I mean, I like the place. Great ambiance. And I always have the hotdog, which I think is pretty good. I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat a hamburger here again though. I wonder if its from the change in eating, or if I’d have felt this way 11 days before it. Anywho, I had some guacamole a little later in the evening too. And that was day 10.

DAY 11

Breakfast Day 11 | 2 eggs, sweet potato, carrots

Do you see two manatees?

We spent lunch on a boat looking at manatees and monkeys. We even saw a couple dolphins. I had mostly snack food. Some guacamole, carrots, prosciutto, and turkey… also some pistachios. Also had a bit of SyFo sparking water. All natural and pretty tasty. I hope its compliant.

Dinner Day 11 | I ate half this steak and saved the rest for the next day. Also, I have been adding tangerines to the guacamole. Delicious!

DAY 12

Breakfast was just some eggs and leftover steak. Not too bad. It was not photographed, however. I don’t know if the calories count if you don’t photograph it. Let’s assume so.

Lunch Day 12 | chicken spinach salad from the tampa brew co. this was on my cousin’s list as it was on ‘diners, drive-ins and dives.” The nuts were covered in sugar, so we didn’t eat. We had red wine vinegar after testing and being unsure of the dressing.

Dinner Day 12 | sweet tomatoes salads. i added raisins, which are restricted to “limited” amounts. This may have been over the limit, but didn’t get to eating both salads. I also tried to pick the beans out of the chili, which was only partly effective. Didn’t eat the beans purposely, but I think there may have been one or two stuck on the bottom of the spoon. Anywho. That’s what I ate.

DAY 13

Breakfast Day 13 | 2 eggs, steak, mango

Lunch was Chipotle. This is a go to lunch, for sure. I am not always prepared for my days. This is a problem that I am resolving by eating Chipotle, or a chicken salad somewhere. I realize some places may cook with soy oil, or some other non compliant thing. I know they want us to be 100% on with this, but I am doing my best to be close. I am starting not to see this as a 30 day thing, but as a long haul thing. At least until I reach some goals for weight loss, and energy regulation.

Also, I am struggling to see the issue with beans. I know it’s the magical fruit, and the more you eat the more you toot, and I know they are an “anti-nutrient” and that they can cause inflammation. And god knows, I don’t really eat many of them. But I guess I may always think of them as something that is good for you that you should eat even if you don’t love them. Anyway. That’s another story.

Dinner Day 13 | Becky’s pork chops and apples. salad. and mashed cauliflower. Pretty good. Red wine vinegar with the salad, and some mangos again with the meal to round out the flavors. And because we had one and I had someone to cut it for me.

So, there you have it!! Four days of me eating that you missed out on. It’s like a reality show marathon! I hope to be back in the swing and post today’s meals and even a tip or something… how is everyone else doing?


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