Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 16

Breakfast: the usual. 2 eggs. sweet potato. 1/2 banana
Again, I ate breakfast without taking a photo. I think I am so incredibly excited to eat my sweet potato that I just forget. But it’s not terribly exciting to see a picture of the same thing every day. So, I am going to post a video of Dolly Parton singing Coat of Many Colors because she is fucking awesome and so is this song. I am posting a version with Shania because I love to hear Dolly harmonize. Dolly’s voice is so distinctive, she can’t be mistaken for any other artist. Despite her vocal power, and the fact that this is her signature song, she harmonizes so unselfishly. Love her. You can also listen to this Fresh Air interview with Dolly from 2001.

Lunch: leftover roast, guacamole with tangerines
I ate a bit before remembering to take the photo. But you get the idea. I mean it’s the same thing I ate my last two meals, so maybe a photo wasn’t even necessary. I have found that eating the same thing multiple times is a little boring, but very convenient. Have I mentioned how freaking good tangerines are in the world’s best guacamole? Good stuff. I recommend getting a seedless variety, however.

Leftover roast and guacamole with tangerines

Snack: Pistachios
I had just a few of these after breakfast. I figure I need a little ‘healthy’ fat in the mornings too. And, I was still a little hungry after breakfast. Downsizing to two eggs since I’ve been a little too full in the mornings.

Dinner: Outback 8oz prime rib, sweet potato (cinnamon only), veggies
Taking a break from leftovers and/or cooking tonight, so Outback gets the call. I assume it’s not grass-fed meat, but I am choosing my battles since I just can’t get myself to cook every night. They say they want you to do the program 100%. I have seen folks on the forum saying they eat there, and nobody is saying they shouldn’t. Anyway. I think it’s all legal.

Outback prime rib, sweet potato (cinnamon only), and naked green beans. Saved a couple of ounces of meat for the Abbster to stay within the 6oz portion.

Physical Condition Report
Abby and I started the C25K program today. Started with week two and we did fairly well. Abby does not like the part where we jog for any specific period. She tries to stop the whole thing cold for a scratch or sniff. But I will keep working with her on staying focused.

Beyond that, I am not feeling much lighter these days. My pants aren’t any less tight than they were a few days ago, and I’m supposed to have Tiger’s Blood right now.


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