Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 18,19, 20

It’s been another busy few days, so I haven’t been doing my late evening blogging. Plus, I kinda think what I am eating is a bit repetitive so I imagine there isn’t much interest in the food. I also haven’t had many tips to speak of lately. But, I tell you what, that cilantro lasted a VERY long time in my fridge in that glass. That is a wining tip right there. And, I think I am getting much better at cooking an over easy egg. I think the hardest thing to learn about a lot of cooking is to not continually fuss with the food. For some reason I want to keep flipping or poking the food in the pan. I’ve learned to walk away and not touch for awhile. I guess food is like a little sister, maybe. Don’t mess with them too much and you’ll be happier for it.

Breakfast | Day 18 | Eggs over easy, sweet potato, 1/2 banana, pistachios.

Lunch | Day 18 | Prosciutto, mango, pistachios, bell beppers, guacamole, carrots

Dinner | Day 18 |
Steak, carrots, blueberries, guacamole, and sweet potato

Breakfast | Day 19 | eggs over easy, guacamole, carrots, sweet potato

Lunch | Day 19 | Serrano dry cured ham (Fiorucci brand), guacamole, pistachios, mango, carrots, peppers

Dinner | Day 19 | Outback 8oz. prime rib, sweet potato (cinnamon only), and salad with red wine vinegar.

I shared about 1/4 of this prime rib with Abby, I think.

Breakfast | Day 20 | hard boiled eggs, sweet potato

Lunch | Day 20 | Chicken, tangerine, guacamole, mango, peppers, carrots

Dinner | Day 20 | Chicken, prosciutto, guacamole, banana

Physical Condition Report
If you’ve made it past all those food photos, congratulations! I have a couple things to mention here in the physical condition area.

First and foremost, I have been able to jog with my puppy every day for the last week or so. This may not be a big deal for some folks, but just a few weeks ago I would need at least a day to recover from soreness. It felt a little like my joints were burning… specifically my hips, and my bunion would flare up after every jog. It used to take a couple days for those areas to feel better, so I usually would do the jogging every other day, at best. Not so now. My body is recovering faster, and those pains have been significantly reduced. I also feel a little less cold. Strangely. Anyway. Two good things. I hope I don’t turn into one of those people who is all like “Ooooh, are you chilly? I prefer running in the cold. It’s so refreshing!”

Beyond those things, my sponsor (Chris) has suggested that I might have some smaller portions of protein. I have been a little on the tired side the past few days. I have been maintaining mental energy and a more consistent day-long energy store. But, my eyes are tired. I mean, I feel a bit tired mentally. Anyway. Chris said that it *might* be from larger protein servings. Protein can be harder to digest, so that might be a part of the tiredness. Also, she said that she feels most energetic after eating fats, so I am going to snack on some more nuts, or add them to meals.


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