Whole 30 | Food Log | 30 Day Round Up

I know it’s been a few days since my last confession post, and I was on Day 29 the last time we last talked. So, you might be wondering, how was Day 30? And how are things now? Did you enjoy the thing? Did you lose weight? Have you started adding foods back in? How do you feel?

Confession Booth
confessionI have some news for everyone. It seems my final few hours of the Whole30 were not entirely successful. Now, I feel that I have a good reason for that (see dinner Day 30 below), so I won’t be mad at myself. However, for anyone who feels I should have been perfect for all 30 days… I want you to know… I had like 4 pieces of gum over those 30 days too. Because breath. And I ate steak and veggies at Chipotle at least twice, even though they are both cooked in soy oil. I know we are supposed to aim for perfect because it’s only 30 days. Well, I did my best. Hopefully this isn’t demotivating to anyone else. I am not quite perfect. But I have a good sense of humor and I can be a good listener if I feel like it.

Final(ish) Weigh In? Probably Friday.
Well, here’s the situation. Shark week started in my uterus last Wednesday, and I haven’t really felt right since. I feel bloated, uncomfortable, not sleeping well, the whole nine hells. So even though it is technically over, I have decided in order to get a more accurate idea of how I feel, how much weight was lost, etc. I am going to wait for a couple more days. Hopefully today is the last day and I will have a better sense by the end of the week. I think I will do the final weigh in on Friday for the first month. Since we are still going, I will probably keep weighing in, but may not share the results unless you are dying to know.

Results for Whole30 Group
As you may know, I started this adventure with Becky, Melissa, Shannon, and Tracy. Each of them have decided to stick with the program for awhile longer. Becky and I plan to keep doing this till the May 5K run and Century Cycling ride challenge is over. Here’s what I have heard from the others at last report:

  • Becky reports more energy, and focus. She’s lost some weight, not a lot.
  • Melissa has added some exercise to her program. She’s doing the T25 workout. She’s adding a breakfast shakeology, and staying Whole30 compliant for her lunches and dinners.
  • Shannon says he pretty much eats this way all the time, so it’s really not much different for him. But he is cutting out some sugar and sodas and would like to keep doing that for awhile.
  • Tracy says she may have actually gained some weight on the program. She’s pretty thin, so she might be actually building muscle. Or she’s doing it wrong, or God hates her. She still seems excited to continue with the program.

Overall Response to Whole 30… So Far
In general, I would say this has been a good experience. And I intend to ‘keep on keeping on’ as they said in whatever year that was they talked like that. I had some Day 1 goals, some of which are still in progress. But so far, my main take aways have been:

  • Faster recovery time after workouts. Much faster.
  • Less pain in joints overall – even bunion, particularly after exercise
  • More energy throughout the day. Noticed mostly in the evenings after my hour plus drive home
  • Modest weight loss? Don’t have the final number yet, but I am guessing in the range of 5-10 pounds.
  • Fewer sugar cravings throughout the day, though I still think about grabbing a diet coke when I see one. Or even a regular coke.

Breakfast | Eggs, sweet potato, sausage, fruit
I stayed home because I wasn’t feeling well (cramps), so I had time to make this delicious breakfast.

Lunch | Leftover sirloin, veggies, guacamole, fruit
Leftovers. Never a favorite, but at least it was alright. I ate late to try and help stave off hunger at the upcoming work party.

Dinner | The middle of a couple roast beef sandwiches followed by breakdown to eating whatever they had. Two drinks.
I know, I know. None of this is whole30 approved. This was my very last meal of the fast, and I should have probably just not eaten. I had some Macadamia nuts before going, and a late lunch, but this was a very special occasion for my place of employment. It was an opening of a retrospective on work our studio has produced since it came to be. I took a few photos so you can see what sort of event I am talking about.

A very well attended event. You can see why someone might find this a special occasion and would partake in an adult beverage.

A very well attended event with lots of fancy types. Doesn’t it make you want a drink? The drinks were free. Just so you know.

I really thought there would be something I could eat legally at the party. Maybe some veggies without cheese all over them… or a sandwich center without a dairy sauce. But, no such luck. So, I ate illegally. I did, however, knowingly have the two vodka drinks. I had Tito’s vodka, soda water, and a splash of cranberry juice. I wanted the drinks, and even though I could have said “no,” I really felt like I wanted to have them for this occasion.

Some of the food I ate. Weird sandwich. Curry chip. Tomato soup in a glass.

Some of the food I ate. Weird sandwich. Curry chip. Tomato soup in a glass.

SO, day 30, final hours… a bust. But they tell you to have no guilt. If you go “off-road” enjoy it. You should neither use food to reward — nor punish — yourself. So, I enjoyed those drinks. The food, not so much. Anyway, call me a failure and send me to hell, but I did what I felt was right for me for this occasion. Life happens, ya know? 🙂

Quote of the Day

When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won’t dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because that Raid really doesn’t taste that bad. ~Janette Barber






I’ll post the follow up final sometime late this week or next. TaTaForNow!


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