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Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work

I thought this was an interesting bit of science related to dieting. I think that’s one of the things I really liked about the Whole30. The focus on goals other than weight loss, and not counting calories… eating whole foods… just a better overall approach to dieting.

“Even after you’ve kept the weight off for as long as seven years, your brain keeps trying to make you gain it back. If that weight loss had been due to a long famine, that would be a sensible response. In our modern world of drive-thru burgers, it’s not working out so well for many of us. That difference between our ancestral past and our abundant present is the reason that Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of the University of Ottawa would like to take some of his patients back to a time when food was less available, and it’s also the reason that changing the food environment is really going to be the most effective solution to obesity.”


Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 27

Tumblr image to add a little color to this post.

I needed an image to give this top bit some color and came across this. I thought it was kind of interesting. It may be inaccurate. Don’t live by it.

Hello all. Day 27 is in the books. I am still keeping my eyes on the prize, but also looking towards what will happen next.

One of our co-30er, Melissa, would like to keep going till her birthday in April. She says she will add “Vegan Shakeology with almond milk” after her workouts for some extra protein. She says she will try not to do any drinking, and will save her “off-road” adventures for special occasions.

Becky and I have been talking about riding out “paleo – caveman + science” eating strategy through May, when I plan to run a 5k around my birthday, and we still need to plan on some sort of cycling challenge – which we have done before. Here are two potential such events in May:

Sunday, May 4, 2014 | Ride to Keep Kids Safe | 62 mile (metric century) ride
Sunday, May 11, 2014 Great Mother’s Day Race | 5k run

I’d like to do both of these events consecutively, or another similar 5k with a cycling event after. I just want to make sure I keep riding the bike because I love it so much.

On a side note, I’d also like to go see the The Wiz in the park around that same time. We can do it all, while easing on down the road. Looking forward to Summer!!!

“…This Is How Thin Feels”
My friend Ang and I have been discussing all this dieting business, on and off, for many years. This morning she shared her conclusion about dieting which is essentially, if you want to actually LOSE weight, you pretty much have to starve yourself. Her new mantra she says is “I’m not hungry…this is just how thin feels.”

I am hopeful that she’s wrong about this, and that the Whole9/Whole30/Paleo can be a a way to do better than just maintaining my current situation. I don’t have very ambitious goals — like a number — but I do have some pants I’d like to wear one day, and I would like to continue eating “real foods” rather than the processed stuff. It seems like the benefits are all very positive so far. And all along, I remember that I love my body. I am not my weight. I am not my big khakis, or my small khakis. But health is important, and a lot of food that tastes good is junk. Right? Yeah. Anyway, on to the food log.

Food Log | DAY 27

Breakfast | 3 hard boiled eggs, sweet potato
I still love this breakfast. I do still wonder if too many sweet potatoes might slow down weight loss success, but I think they make me feel like I am eating well. So, that makes it possible to continue without feeling like I’m missing out on the finer things in life.

Tip: Trick for Easy Hard Boiled Egg Peeling
A coworker of mine, who is a jackass, shared this video with me after watching me struggle with all that hard boiled egg peeling in the mornings. This trick hasn’t worked for me yet. If it works for you, please take video and share the video in the comments. Thank you!

Lunch | Leftover Porterhouse steak and mixed veggies

Added a little ginger to the Porterhouse steak and veggies leftovers.

Leftovers cost less.

Dinner |
Beckster tried something new last night and she ended up not liking it much.

Vitamixed veggies with crock potted chicken.

Snacks | Macadamia Nuts and Pistachios

Inspirational Video:

I know these Dove commercials are a little trite. But I guess I sometimes like that. I like that Dove has taken on this issue, even if they are ultimately an enormous conglomerate that really wants to make money off women’s insecurities by pretending that they want them to be less insecure so that women buy their products. Anyway, point being, I think there is a positive message here if you ignore a lot of facts. And, I am sharing this as an inspirational thing. You’re welcome:

Quote of the Day

When friends tell you how awesome you look, drop the “I still have more to go” crap. You worked hard and you deserve the compliment! ~Jillian Michaels

Whole 30 | Food Log | Days 23, 24, 25

It’s been another busy weekend, so no time to blog about the foodstuffs. I even forgot to take a few photos, but many meals are repeats so not really so interesting. BUT, there were a couple noteworthy meals to mention. I have the hardest time getting excited about a chicken recipe, but Becky found two really good ones on the NomNom Paleo website. She made both of them and both were winners. So here is a breakdown of all things chewed this weekend, with an emphasis on the new chicken dinner recipes.

DAY 23
Breakfast | Day 23 | | eggs, sweet potato, mango

Lunch | Day 23 | Leftover roast, carrots, guacamole

Dinner | Day 23 | Doro Wat (Spicy Ethiopian Chicken), avocado, fruit
This was delicious chicken! Becky made this Doro Wat recipe from NomNom Paleo and I hope she makes it again. It was pretty spicy, even without all the spice called for in the directions. It was nice to have the guacamole to cool things down a bit. I can see why someone would enjoy eating something like this with some spongy bread, but this was good on it’s own for anyone who wants to eat paleo forever, or who is gluten free and eats meat.

Doro Wat (Spicy Ethiopian Chicken), guacamole, fruit.

DAY 24

Breakfast | Day 24 | Over easy eggs (cooked with Ghee), sweet potato, avocado, mango

Lunch | Day 24 | Chipotle salad
Usually when you go to Chipotle everything is really good and fresh, and other times you should probably just walk out the door after you get a look at the dry crusty food. That was the case today. But we were hungry and we ate the dry stuff anyway. We decided to go ahead and have chicken and steak even though it is cooked in soy oil. We asked, and they confirmed that. Although they seemed a little confused by the question. I may ask again at that location and see if we get a different answer. Anyway, I am not complaining. Really.

Dinner | Day 24 | Tacos (lettuce wrap), grilled peppers, steak, hamburger/turkey burger mix
I had planned to make pico de gallo but my spicy pepper got lost along the way, so I didn’t make my pico because it was all ruined without the hot pepper. Not that I am complaining again. I guess it was just the moon today.

DAY 25

Breakfast | Day 25 | eggs, sweet potato, macadamia nuts, mango
I have had mango as much as I possibly can since Becky is here to cut it for me. Next week will be sad. I’ll be eating bananas again.

Lunch | Day 25 | Outback sirloin, salad, sweet potato

Dinner | Day 25 | Chili Lime Chicken Wings, sweet potato fries, guacamole, mango, pineapple
This was very, very delicious, and will be served again at an upcoming party at our place. Becky made this one with a little help from fellow Whole30ers (Tracy and Shannon). This is a NomNom Paleo wings recipe, that is Whole30 compliant, and a lovely treat for those who miss fried variety of wing. I highly recommend this food item.

Chili Lime Chicken Wings (whole30 compliant) guacamole, with sweet potato fries

Physical Condition Report
Still feeling good this week. It’s hard to believe the end is near. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I will do after the Whole30 is over. Saturday I will reintroduce either dairy or gluten to see how I do with it. I am also going to let myself have a sugar snack at some point over those 10 days or so of reintroduction. Hopefully it doesn’t start the beginning of some crazy downhill sugar shame spiral where I will eat four bags of Oreo’s. Anyway. That’s about it for today. No tips or anything. I know, bummer.

Whole 30 | Food Log | Day 2

I took a pill last night. My head was aching a good bit. I tried a bath, but that didn’t cure the pounding. I felt much better this morning, but headache again tonight. I felt good most the day though. They say that how bad you feel is directly related to how bad you were eating, So I’m doing my best to feel good so that it doesn’t look like I ate terribly.

Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs, 2 carrots, prosciutto

I have a meeting this morning so I wanted a slightly quicker breakfast. I had time to make the omelet, but not enough time to clean up after I made it, so I figured I would just do the hard boiled eggs we prepared on Wednesday. The eggs we made were not terribly easy to peel, so that’s something to research and improve upon. You’d think this would be as easy as boiling water and dropping the eggs in, but there are lots of methods for cooking them online.


The prosciutto should be legal. It is minimally processed and has only salt and pepper added. I will ask my sponsor if it is and let you all know.

Quick Tip: Hard Boil the Oldest Eggs
For easier to peel hard boiled eggs, use older eggs! Buy your eggs at least a week before you plan to prepare them. Check out these instructions or watch this video.

Lunch: Leftover Paleo Chicken Soup with avocado, Banana

I just warmed up some of yesterdays soup for lunch with 1/2 an avacado and added a few macadamia nuts. I followed up with a 1/2 banana while I have them and they aren’t too ripe. I gave the other half to Abby. I will be showcasing some of her tricks while she is getting the treats. This one is “catch”

I’ll do a landscape video next time. You’d think I’d know this.

Dinner: Grass fed filet with Asparagus.
Dinner was supposed to be a social outing at outback tonight. However every single other person in the city of St. Petersburg decided to go there too. I had planned to get the 6 ounce special with no seasoning and no butter but that was not to be. Instead we ended up at Rococo Steakhouse. I know it’s only day two, but I did recognize many things that I would’ve eaten if I weren’t doing this. I ended up going with the 7 ounce grass fed filet and asparagus with no butter no seasoning (Since they seasoned with a reduced balsamic vinaigrette). They actually brought it out to me with butter and balsamic on it and I sent it back. Thank you to Emily for giving me the strength not to just eat it.





Snack: Macadamia Nuts
You aren’t supposed to do much snacking on this strategy, so I don’t have many. Overall I feel pretty good anyway. Not too hungry.

Physical Condition Report Day 2
I felt good until the headache later in the day. I woke up hungry which they say is a good thing.